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excited too with this question..


Bending Over Backwards - M.O.T.O. - Bolt! (Vinyl, LP)

2 thoughts on “ Bending Over Backwards - M.O.T.O. - Bolt! (Vinyl, LP)

  1. Sep 08,  · If any "locking areas" are affected by bending a bolt, you need to find a new gunsmith. I believe a 24/47 is a "normal" length action, and a Kar 98 bolt should fit. Of course, headspace should be checked. A Yugo 48 action is shorter, and a 98 bolt will not fit. Replacing with a Kar 98 bolt may require relieving the stock wood a bit so your.
  2. The bolt’s design is centered on a flexible shank made up of one of several strong, yet flexible materials, such as Kevlar or steel cable. Steel coiled like a spring wraps around the core and creates the threads of the bolt. This construction results in a bolt that can carry axial loads and thus be tightened just like any other bolt.

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